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Because We are the Best Officiants Serving Southern California!

We make sure it’s all about you!

Do you already have your wedding ceremony planned to the last detail?  Lost with no idea other than who you want to marry? Somewhere in between?  We have the experiences and the resources to guide you towards a relaxed and smooth-as-possible ceremony.

Your Wedding:

All with or without Religious Faiths are welcome here.  Do you want Religious, Casual, Formal, Traditional, Modern, Hawaiian, Filipino, Reverent or even a Comedic Styled ceremony? We can provide you all of this and more because your personality, values, and style should be reflected on your big day.

Your Journey:

From that first kiss, to discovering yourself in the heart of the one you love.  Your unique journey has led you to now, where you are ready to declare your love for one another.

Your Style:

Whether you want to ride in on a carriage,  walk down in your Jimmy Choo’s, or go barefoot on the beach— your wedding should be the way you want it.

Your Relationship:

It’s hard enough to find someone you like, let alone someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.  When you do, and they feel the same way about you, we think that is special.

Are you funny together? Did someone propose in an interesting way? Is there a story behind your ring or how you met?  All these stories and more, might be things you want to include.

 Your Officiant:

Let us match you with the right person to  perform your ceremony.  With a Spouses For Life Officiant, the best Officiants Serving Southern California, know that you are with an experienced professional, who will be there when you need guidance, celebrate your love, and send you on your own Happily Every After.

Here are just a few of our Officiants serving Southern California:


Chris is one of our favorite Officiants! He is classy and charming and a great choice for your wedding.  He often is the choice at the most luxurious facilities in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area, yet also comfortable in a private back yard setting.  If you are looking for someone who is charming, reverent, and genteel that will guide you gently along your service, you have found the right Officiant.

Rev. Frank Fischer

Rev. Frank Fischer

Frank is as charming as he is sensitive.  He is a Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living – Los Angeles (non-denominational) and has many Spouses for Life couples very happy.

He leads your ceremony with Love and Kindness guiding you through this very special day.  Frank has a special way of gently reminding us that the present is a gift that we should celebrate, honor and cherish.

Throughout Reverend Frank Fischer’s life, he has been a student of the World’s Spiritual Philosophies, believing that Truth and Love are Universal Principles for everyone and this credo influences all the work he does today.

Motto: Liberty and Love are always unfinished…

Frank say, “A marriage is the bringing of two people into a relationship of one shared Love.

This commitment to a new phase in your life brings much joy, happiness, peace and contentment into the lives of the participants as well as their family and friends in attendance.

This Love fulfills all the Laws of Life and begins your journey together.

It is with great pleasure that I present this new couple to the world on their Special Day of Marriage.”




With enthusiasm, grace and humor Kate is a wonderful selection for an Officiant.  If you are looking for someone that will honor your commitment, celebrate your relationship and soften the nerves with a touch of humor you have found the person for you and your beloved.

Victor is one of our best Spanish speaking Officiants.  (He can also issue your marriage license too!)  Speaking both English and Spanish Victor can insure everyone feels welcome at your ceremony.  If you are looking for a bilingual speaker, with charm and a touch of light humor, you have found your Officiant.


David is the founder of Spouses for Life and has performed many a wedding.  He is renowned for bring a light touch of humor to soften nerves on such a stressful day.  Cause when you can chose – wouldn’t you rather laugh than cry?  If you are looking for someone reverent, classy and with a touch of humor, you have found your Officiant.

We have more too!  Check back often as our list is constantly updated.  We hope you have enjoyed learning about the Officiants Serving Southern California.

Staff and Support:

LR Steve from Sheri

Steve is our Office Manager – he is the one behind the curtain making sure everything runs smoothly at Spouse for Life.  While being very charming, Steve does not do ceremonies. Steve served honorably in the Navy for 20 years and brings his discipline, strength and fortune to Spouses for Life.

Steve is also engaged to be wed to occasion writer the lovely Melissa Howard.

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2 comments on “About Us

  1. Everett C Alexander on said:

    I have known Rev Frank for many years. We have walked many of the same paths together. I trust & treasure his friendship and love.
    I too am an ordained Minister since 1998.

    All my Best to you Frank

  2. lilalot55 on said:

    WOW and double WOW ..I can’t wait to see the whole shaabng!!! Kelly, you are awesome!!! Jen too!!Thanks so much, Sue and DoyleHurry

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