Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage

Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage

A happy Spouses for Life Couple.

Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage

Following the news of the people of Ireland voting to change their constitution to remove gender discrimination.  The Greenland Parliament voted unanimously 27-0 to approve Same Sex Marriage.  Now that Greenland  approves Same Sex Marriage couples have only to wait until October 2015 to get married.  Start booking now for your special day!

While Greenland is located withing the Kingdom of Denmark, which approved Same Sex Marriage in 2012,  it is an autonomous nation.  Thus needed Parliament to update it’s own laws.  It now becomes the 21st nation to have Marriage Equality for all it couples.

Greenland is the largest island on Earth, yet it population is only about 60,000.  Most of the island is covered in ice and snow.  With and area three times the size of California, is the least densely populated nation on the planet.  All it’s towns are along it’s ice free coast and humans have been living there for approximately 4,500 years.

It has been a joy of many of our colleagues to perform marriages for Same Sex Couples.  The couple we married that has been together the longest happened to be a same sex couple.  They had already been together for 43 years!  We are pretty sure they are going to make it.

Here at Spouses for Life we can connect you with the Best Wedding Officiants in Southern California but we also volunteer to improve the community.  One of our members has been involved in the Same Sex Marriage Movement in an official capacity in 1987!  But don’t worry, we happily marry all couples (including straight ones!)

For finding a great officiant nationwide please see our sister site!

To read about Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage see: Greenland article on the Advocate

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