Wedding Cake Donts

There are many unique ways to make your wedding is remembered, but you want to make sure for the right reasons!  Here is our biggest wedding cake donts that you probably shouldn’t do at your reception.  You can of course, if you really want too, but the voice of experience says it’s probably not a great idea.

There are several places in Westminster California that are wonderful for venues weddings. At one of our favorite we were talking about do’s and don’ts with some fellow seasoned wedding vendors. This one happened to be a wedding coordinator, whom after a long career, was soon retiring.

 “She learned a few things the hard way”

One of the things she talked about is how when starting out she learned a few things the hard way.  One was while it’s fine to let couples feed each other the first piece of cake, but not allow (the best you can) couples to smash the cake in each other’s faces.

We swapped many ‘old timer’ wedding stories, but two colourful stories really stood out. The first one involved the shushing of the cake that resulted in the Bride getting so mad – she wasn’t sure she wanted to be married anymore. They tried to take the license from the one who married them so they wouldn’t be able to send it in.

Another one, was something that seems to only happen in the movies. The two families really didn’t like each other – much like in the play Romeo and Juliette.  She said even the rehearsal was tense.  The Bride and Groom did the cake smash thing – they were happy but the families didn’t understand it was a joke.  Some of the groomsmen broke into a fight.  Then the families started fighting – even their Officiant was punched at some point!  The police were called, some people were even arrested.  (But the couple stayed married.)

“I don’t let the couple smash cake in each other’s faces.”

Here are a couple of videos of cake smashing wedding videos. Some look at little more happy than others.

Here it goes over a little better. Both the bride and groom are laughing – as well as many of the audience. Still one can’t help but think that people would have enjoyed that lovely cake.

This one doesn’t seem like she is not to happy with him. She has a little break down – people will certainly remember this wedding, but probably not for reasons the couple was expecting.  At 1:27 he turns to the camera and says with a chuckle, “I’m in trouble’ and he probably was.  Still, we hope they can look back on this day and laugh about it.

Of course, you can always do what you want at your wedding, but we strongly encourage you to have fun in ways that don’t involve cake smushing.  It’s just one of our Wedding Cake Donts!  It’s ok to learn from our experiences.

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Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage

Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage

A happy Spouses for Life Couple.

Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage

Following the news of the people of Ireland voting to change their constitution to remove gender discrimination.  The Greenland Parliament voted unanimously 27-0 to approve Same Sex Marriage.  Now that Greenland  approves Same Sex Marriage couples have only to wait until October 2015 to get married.  Start booking now for your special day!

While Greenland is located withing the Kingdom of Denmark, which approved Same Sex Marriage in 2012,  it is an autonomous nation.  Thus needed Parliament to update it’s own laws.  It now becomes the 21st nation to have Marriage Equality for all it couples.

Greenland is the largest island on Earth, yet it population is only about 60,000.  Most of the island is covered in ice and snow.  With and area three times the size of California, is the least densely populated nation on the planet.  All it’s towns are along it’s ice free coast and humans have been living there for approximately 4,500 years.

It has been a joy of many of our colleagues to perform marriages for Same Sex Couples.  The couple we married that has been together the longest happened to be a same sex couple.  They had already been together for 43 years!  We are pretty sure they are going to make it.

Here at Spouses for Life we can connect you with the Best Wedding Officiants in Southern California but we also volunteer to improve the community.  One of our members has been involved in the Same Sex Marriage Movement in an official capacity in 1987!  But don’t worry, we happily marry all couples (including straight ones!)

For finding a great officiant nationwide please see our sister site!

To read about Greenland approves Same Sex Marriage see: Greenland article on the Advocate

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Filipino Styled Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

Filipino Styled Same Sex Wedding CeremonyFilipino Styled Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

Jackie and Alina are a charming couple that met in the Philippines on the island of Luzon while Alina was eating a Mango Jackie passed her by. Jackie then circled around to meet her.  Seemed like it was love at first sight.  Well, one thing let to another and they had their own happily ever after and got married at the Albertson Wedding Chapel, in Los Angeles, California.

They were pared with the Reverend David Roman Daniels who is our most experienced Spouses For Life Officiant with Filipino Culture.  He likes to remind people that part of his family is from the Philippines.

We gave them a shortened version of a full Filipino Styled Same Sex Wedding Ceremony. (They didn’t want to go over a half an hour.) We include the Unity Candle, Cord and Veil, Vows, I Do’s, Rings, Hand Blessing and a special way of including the audience in The Wedding Prayer. We had the audience come up and all lay their hands upon our couple.

Same Sex WeddingThey were (nearly) as thrilled with the Filipino Styled Same Sex Wedding Ceremony as they are with each other.  We wish this young charming couple all the happiness in the world!

For information about the lovely Albertson Wedding Chapel see their site here.

Filipino Styled Same Sex Ceremony

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Why do we need a Wedding Rehearsal?

It this episode of Ask the Officiant, our host David Roman Daniels will go over tips on planning an informal wedding, why do we need a wedding rehearsal, how a rehearsal goes, what’s expect and why do we need them. Tips on having young ones – such as flower girls, ring bearers, and the like involved in a wedding, and one of our biggest voicemail pet peeves!

If you would like a question answered on the show email:

Listen in, you might learn something. And have a great wedding!

Here at Spouses for Life we think a wedding rehearsal is always a nice thing.  But it become more important the  larger your wedding party.  We strongly encourage you to have a rehearsal especially if you have 3 or more bridesmaid/groomsmen on each side.

Listen to the show and I hope that answers your questions as to why do we need a wedding rehearsal. For any addition questions call or email us, for your question to be on the show email us at

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