Wedding Cake Donts

There are many unique ways to make your wedding is remembered, but you want to make sure for the right reasons!  Here is our biggest wedding cake donts that you probably shouldn’t do at your reception.  You can of course, if you really want too, but the voice of experience says it’s probably not a great idea.

There are several places in Westminster California that are wonderful for venues weddings. At one of our favorite we were talking about do’s and don’ts with some fellow seasoned wedding vendors. This one happened to be a wedding coordinator, whom after a long career, was soon retiring.

 “She learned a few things the hard way”

One of the things she talked about is how when starting out she learned a few things the hard way.  One was while it’s fine to let couples feed each other the first piece of cake, but not allow (the best you can) couples to smash the cake in each other’s faces.

We swapped many ‘old timer’ wedding stories, but two colourful stories really stood out. The first one involved the shushing of the cake that resulted in the Bride getting so mad – she wasn’t sure she wanted to be married anymore. They tried to take the license from the one who married them so they wouldn’t be able to send it in.

Another one, was something that seems to only happen in the movies. The two families really didn’t like each other – much like in the play Romeo and Juliette.  She said even the rehearsal was tense.  The Bride and Groom did the cake smash thing – they were happy but the families didn’t understand it was a joke.  Some of the groomsmen broke into a fight.  Then the families started fighting – even their Officiant was punched at some point!  The police were called, some people were even arrested.  (But the couple stayed married.)

“I don’t let the couple smash cake in each other’s faces.”

Here are a couple of videos of cake smashing wedding videos. Some look at little more happy than others.

Here it goes over a little better. Both the bride and groom are laughing – as well as many of the audience. Still one can’t help but think that people would have enjoyed that lovely cake.

This one doesn’t seem like she is not to happy with him. She has a little break down – people will certainly remember this wedding, but probably not for reasons the couple was expecting.  At 1:27 he turns to the camera and says with a chuckle, “I’m in trouble’ and he probably was.  Still, we hope they can look back on this day and laugh about it.

Of course, you can always do what you want at your wedding, but we strongly encourage you to have fun in ways that don’t involve cake smushing.  It’s just one of our Wedding Cake Donts!  It’s ok to learn from our experiences.

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